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About Us

To promote the habit of reading by making it simple, convenient, and affordable.

The Philosophy

“The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who’ll get me a book I ain’t read.”
– Abraham Lincoln

The reading intensity in India is still very low as compared to other developed countries. The two prime reasons that could be attributed to this are:

1. Prices of the books
If we study countries with a bigger book market we will observe that books are priced cheaper than a movie ticket, at 70% of the cost of the movie ticket. We however face an inverse situation. Books are expensive than a movie ticket with the average mass-market English book costing Rs 250.

2. Lack of availability and proximity
Many times one has to postpone the desire to purchase a book for lack of a suitable bookstore at a convenient location.

We at aspire to address the above two issues by allowing access to a wide range of books to our members at their preferred delivery address.

What does have to offer:

  • Wide collection of books
  • Hassle-free reading experience
  • The books that you want to read are delivered to your doorstep
  • • Free delivery

How does it work?
After registering as a member with, you can browse and rent from our wide collection of books. You will be required to maintain a list of at least 10 books at any given point of time. The list could be extended up to twenty books. In order to get the book delivered you just have to make a pickup request.

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The members of can choose a plan as per their appetite for reading. All the plans have the following unique features:-
• Satiate your appetite for reading. No upper limit on the number of books that you can read during the tenure of your plan
• Read your book at your own pace. No late fee, no fine

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