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Pather Panchal: Song of the Road

Pather Panchali portrays the life and struggle of the Roy family in their ancestral village in Bengal. It is a literary masterpiece and is considered one of the best Bengali novels ever written. The novel very vividly and beautifully portrays the life of a poor family seen through the eyes of Apu and Durga, the […]

Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy, The

For Lucy Sweeney, motherhood isnt all astanga yoga and Cath Kidston prints. Its been years since the dirty laundry pile was less than a metre high, months since Lucy remembered to have sex with her husband, and a week since she last did the school run wearing pyjamas. nnMotherhood, it seems, has more pitfalls than […]

Special Police force in Colonial Bengal

Chasing Harry Winston

Emmy is newly single, and not by choice. She was this close to the ring and the baby shes wanted her whole life when her boyfriend left her for his twenty-three-year-old personal trainer ƒ?? whose fees are paid by Emmy. With her plans for the perfect white wedding in the trash, Emmy is now ordering […]

Everyone Worth Knowing

by Lauren Weisberger The working title of The Doorman Wears Dolce makes this instantly recognisable as the follow-up to surely the most fabulously titled debut of 2003 The Devil Wears Prada. For her second novel Lauren Weisberger sticks with what she knows; New York City, but this time itƒ??s the achingly cool world of Manhattanƒ??s […]

Sugar Daddy

Liberty Jones has dreams and determination that will take her far away from Welcome, Texasƒ??if she can keep her wild heart from ruling her mind. Hardy Cates sees Liberty as completely off-limits. His own ambitions are bigger than Welcome, and Liberty is a complication he doesnƒ??t need. But something magical and potent draws them to […]

The Womens Room

The bestselling feminist novel that awakened both women and men, The Womens Room follows the transformation of Mira Ward and her circle as the womens movement begins to have an impact on their lives. Soon to be released is Frenchs new hardcover, My Summer With George. Reissue.

The Feminine Mystique

The book that changed the consciousness of a countryƒ??and the world. First published in 1963, The Feminine Mystique ignited a revolution that profoundly changed our culture, our conciousness, and our lives. Today it newly penetrates to the heart of issues determining our lives?? and sounds a call to arms against the very real dangers of […]

Susannas Seven Husbands

That Black Widow spider always reminds me of Susanna, my lifelong friend and neighbour . . . As I was never her husband, I have survived to tell this story. Since his childhood, Arun has secretly been in love with Susanna, his dangerously alluring neighbour, who becomes his friend despite the wide difference in their […]

The Diary of a Social Butterfly

This is the hugely entertaining journal of a socialite in Lahore. Pakistan may be making headlines – but Butterfly is set to conquer the world. Everyone knows me. All of Lahore, all of Karachi, all of Isloo – oho, baba, Islamabad – half of Dubai, half of London and all of Khan Market and all […]

Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood is a simple coming-of-age tale, primarily set in 1969-70, when the author was attending university. The political upheavals and student strikes of the period form the novels backdrop. But the focus here is the young Watanabes love affairs, and the pain and pleasure and attendant losses of growing up. The collapse of a […]

Range of Motion

As Jay lies in a coma, his young wife, Lainey, is the only one who believes he will ever recover. When his doctors try to reach him, Jay does not respond. Yet Lainey believes he knows when she is there, and is stimulated by the gifts of ordinary life she brings him: sweet-smelling flowers, his […]


In the troubled years following the Civil War, the spirit of a murdered child haunts the Ohio home of a former slave. This angry, destructive ghost breaks mirrors, leaves its fingerprints in cake icing, and generally makes life difficult for Sethe and her family; nevertheless, the woman finds the haunting oddly comforting for the spirit […]

The Journey Of Rocks

Kafka on the Shore

The opening pages of a Haruki Murakami novel can be like the view out an airplane window onto tarmac. But at some point between page three and fifteen–its page thirteen in Kafka On The Shore–the deceptively placid narrative lifts off, and you find yourself breaking through clouds at a tilt, no longer certain where the […]

On Chesil Beach

Such is Ian McEwans genius that, despite rambling nature walks and the naming of birds, his subject matter remains hermetically sealed in the hearts of two people. It is 1962 when Edward and Florence, 23 and 22 respectively, marry and repair to a hotel on the Dorset coast for their honeymoon. They are both virgins, […]