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Moni Mohsin

Tender Hooks

Our plucky heroines cousin, Jonkers, has been dumped by his low-class, slutty secretary, and our heroine has been charged with finding him a suitable wife — a rich, fair, beautiful, old-family type. Quickly. But, between you, me and the four walls, who wants to marry poor, plain, hapless Jonkers? As our heroine social-climbs her way […]

The Diary of a Social Butterfly

This is the hugely entertaining journal of a socialite in Lahore. Pakistan may be making headlines – but Butterfly is set to conquer the world. Everyone knows me. All of Lahore, all of Karachi, all of Isloo – oho, baba, Islamabad – half of Dubai, half of London and all of Khan Market and all […]

The End of Innocence

1971: While a savage civil war rages in East Pakistan, a thousand miles away in West Pakistan, in the safe, cosy village of Sabzbagh, life appears to continue undisturbed. An ancient preoccupation with family honour and social propriety dominates the lives of peasants and landed gentry alike. It is here, at her family estate in […]

The Return of the Butterfly

The book is a laugh riot like the previous two!! Easy breezy read….Underneath the humor, sarcasm, satire and bumblings of one of Pakistans rich dumb socialites (fictional) Moni also touches on the deep troubling political and social issues Pakistan faces and how their people view these events and learn to live life inspite of such […]