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Pink Sari Revolution: A Tale of Women and Power in India

Fierce ,frank and courageous, this is the riveting narrative of the Pink Gang’s work in freeing a young girl unlawfully abused and imprisoned at the behest of a local politician. Fontanella -Khan explores the origins and tactics of this sisterhood with a senstivity that takes into account political manoeuvring, police drama, grassroots organizing and personal history. Pink Sari Revolution is a compelling tale.
Book Features:

Riveting story of the infamous Pink Gang’s work for the rights of a young girl unlawfully imprisoned at the hands of an abusive politician.
Explores the origins and tactics of a fiery sisterhood that has over 20,000 members.
Highlights the extraordinary work of women who are shaking things up in notoriously corrupt Uttar pradesh.
Combines accessible narrative style with deep journalistic research.
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