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The Origin of Species

In his book, Darwin starts off by asking readers who the creator of the world is and how the universe was created. Darwin says that human beings and their endless creations are miniscule, compared to the complex objects constructed by nature. He draws on spiritual and idealistic ideologies, alongside scientific notions. According to him one […]

A Dance with Dragon: After the Feast – Part 2

The Seeker (English)

Can a man walk on water? Can he see the future? Can he read peoples minds? One man will find answers that challenge all his rational beliefs. After a deep personal loss, Maximus Pzoras, Harvard economist and Wall Street banker, sets out on a quest to find the cause of human pain and suffering. His […]

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia (English)

Sister Of My Heart

The book describes the undying love between the protagonists Anju and Sudha. Their mothers were pregnant when Sudhaƒ??s father suggested to Anjuƒ??s father that they go fishing. An accident during the time resulted in the death of Anjuƒ??s father. Sudha has always felt and thought of it as her fault that Anju does not have […]

The Turning Point : Best of Young Indian Writers

The Turning Point features stories by some of the best young Indian writers, each contributing a distinct tang to this interesting cocktail. The collection explores multiple emotions, ranging from nostalgia to obsession, the feeling of first love to that of delusion, from doubt to self-belief and from resignation to hope. Eight stories, eight spirited young […]

God Save the Dork

Maestro management consultant and strategy guru Robin ƒ??Einsteinƒ?? Varghese has been dispatched to London to the Lederman account. Things in the mother country are not all tally-ho as Einstein must make do with convoluted remuneration, temperamental digestion and a comely coworker who revels in mixed signalsƒ??not to mention a bizarre conspiracy by museums all over […]

The Complete Adventures of Feluda ( Volume – 1) (English)

Complete Adventures of Feluda – Vol. 1 is an anthology of sixteen thrilling stories featuring master sleuth Pradosh C. Mitter, aka Feluda. Set in the suburbs of Calcutta, this book will be an interesting read for all Sherlock Holmes fans. The stories involve murder, mystery and adventure and are narrated in humorous style by the […]

Death Relic (English)

The two main characters in The Death Relic, Payne and Jones are called from Pennsylvania to Mexico by Maria Pelati, an archaeologist who has been hired by renowned archaeologist Terrence Hamilton, to uncover secrets of the Mayan civilization, which lies in ruins. Pelatiƒ??s research team leader suddenly vanishes without a trace and she discovers her […]

The Valhalla Prophecy (Wilde/Chase 9)

When thieves make swift with a gigantic Norse runestone, Nina Wilde, the head of the International Heritage Agency and her husband, ex-mercenary Eddie Chase, arrive to investigate. The thieves have left a dead body, that of a security guard in their wake. Now it is up to Nina and Eddie to find the artifact because […]

The Wind through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel (English)

Rolands journey to the Dark Tower is laid bare once again, this time told from the perspective of both his younger and older selves. Mid-Worlds last gunslinger, his journey has been one fraught with peril after peril. With his ka-tet in tow, Rolands journey towards the Outer Baronies is halted by a storm. The events […]

Circle Of Three (English)

Circle of Three follows the life three people who have lost the will to live. Aryan Khosla is a thirteen-year-old boy who has no friends and rarely gets to meet his extremely busy and quarreling parents. He feels his birth was a big mistake and feels worthless and dejected. Ria Marathe is a woman in […]

Red Earth and Pouring Rain PB (English)

Abhay gets angry when a monkey that has been bothering his family for years steals his jeans. He ends up shooting the monkey and the injured primate is taken inside the house by his parents. We learn that the gods are having a little discussion as to who will get to keep the monkeyƒ??s soul […]

Dust On The Mountain: Collected Stories (English)

Dust On The Mountain: Collected Stories comprises of some of the best short stories penned down by Ruskin Bond. These stories capture the myriad facets of life ƒ?? nostalgia, love, friendship, trust and betrayal. The author has been instrumental in capturing all the moods that make childhood worth remembering. Some of the stories included in […]

The Complete Short Stories (English)


In these macabre, acid and very funny short stories, Saki drives a knife into the upper crust of English Edwardian life. Here we meet in particular two of his most brilliant creations, the self-possessed Clovis and the vain and supremely stylish Reginald. There is tea on the lawn, the smell of gunshot, the tinkle of […]

Cross Fire (English)

Detective Alex Cross is planning his wedding to the woman he loves, Brianna Stone. But this blissful existence begins to unravel when Cross is called to the scene of the perfectly executed assassination of two of Washington DCs most corrupt and publically hated political figures. As more crooked politicians are picked off with similar long-range […]