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Nikita Singh

Love @ Facebook

Love @ Facebook (FIC) is a novel that explores the influence of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter on the contemporary generation. In a world where maintaining a virtual identity is the norm, this book shows us how an idea of romance can be pursued in Facebook. Written by the young and bestselling author, […]

The Turning Point : Best of Young Indian Writers

The Turning Point features stories by some of the best young Indian writers, each contributing a distinct tang to this interesting cocktail. The collection explores multiple emotions, ranging from nostalgia to obsession, the feeling of first love to that of delusion, from doubt to self-belief and from resignation to hope. Eight stories, eight spirited young […]

The Promise

The Promise is centered on the lives of two individuals named Shambhavi and Arjun, who reside in Madhya Pradesh. Although Shambhaviƒ??s life is not easy, she is still cheery and makes the most of her life. She is involved in interior designing projects on a regular basis and her passion for creativity makes her pursue […]

After All This Time

After all this time is one of the latest books by a young Indian author, Nikita Singh. She has picked up the issue of positivity and sorrow at the same time. Lavanya, the lead character of this book, is a young girl working in a metro city at a high paying position. However, her job […]