Your Que × request you to maintain a queue of atleast 10 books. You will be able to give a pickup request once you make a queue of 10 books.

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Q. What is is a professionally run online book rental service. is currently operating in Kolkata with plans of expanding into other metros. offers its members access to wide collection of books, spread across multiple categories.

Q. How do I benefit from being a member?

a. You have access to a range of titles spread across various categories. Choose from our wide selection of books – everything from New Releases, Classics, Best Authors, and Best Sellers in various categories.

b. There is no restriction on the number of books that you can read during your plan tenure. So go ahead and read books as per your taste, pace and mood.

c. We deliver at your doorstep, and collect the books when you have completed your reading, at absolutely no charge.

d. There are no late fees.You can actually keep the book(s) for as long as you want, and you wont be charged for it.

e. Our rental plans offer enough flexibility to suit your particular reading needs. Currently we have 12 plans to choose from.

Q. How much do I have to pay to join

You have a choice of 12 subscription plans – spread over monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual plans.

You can join at an introductory price of Rs.200* per month with unlimited books during the tenure of your plan. You can hold only one book at a time in this plan.

* For complete details on plans kindly follow the link below:-

Q. What does unlimited means?

It means that based on your plan you can rotate your book(s) as many times as possible. However, the number of books that you can have at any given point of time is restricted to the plan you had opted for.

For e.g. If you opt for Quarterly 2 books plan, you can at any given point in time have maximum 2 books with you. These books can be exchanged for a fresh set any number of times during the tenure of the plan.

Q. What does 2 books, 3 books plan means?

It means the number of books that you can hold at a point in time.

For e.g. If you opt for a 3 books plan, you can hold at any point of time 3 books. These books could be rotated for unlimited times during the tenure of your plan.

Q. Can I hold two accounts with

While you cannot hold two accounts in the same name, you can subscribe again using another legitimate name. For example, in the name of any other member of your family.

Q. How do I upgrade my membership?

Simple! All you need to do is call Customer Care on ++91-33- 4061 2286

Q. I forgot my password. What do I do?

Click the link ‘forgot password? enter your email id used at the time of registration. The new password will be sent to your email id.

Q. Should I send you an email when I return a book?

No, theres no need. Since you have already scheduled a pick-up, our system tracks the progress of your return until the actual receipt.

Q. Once I become a member, how will I receive my books?

Once you register with your User ID and Password will be created for complete website access, including browsing and adding books to the queue. Your membership will be activated within 24 hours of the payment received or realized in case of payment by cheque. You can then access your account using your user id and create your queue. You are required to maintain a queue of at least 10 books to make a pickup request. Once you create a list of 10 titles you can send the pickup request by clicking the pickup tab or by making the request over the phone at +91-33- 4061 2286

Q. How many books can I rent each month?

As stated earlier there is no restriction on the number of books that you can read during the tenure of your plan. The number of books that you can hold at a time, however, depends on the plan you choose. You can hold maximum 3 books at a time.

Q. How are books sent to me and when will I get them?

Books are delivered at your doorstep either by personnel or by a representative of our logistics partner. In most cases, you will receive books within 48 hours.

Q. Once I have finished reading the books, how do I return them?

Sign in to your account and schedule a pick-up in “My Account”. For any help call at our Customer Care and request a pick-up at +91-33- 4061 2286.

Q. What if the title I want is not available with you in your library?

If any title is not available in our library, you will be provided with an option to add the title to your queue.The title may be unavailable as the same would not be uploaded in our database or there would have been some spelling mistake at the time the search is made for the title. The problem will be sorted out at the earliest and the book(s) will be delivered at the earliest post your pick up request.

Q. By when do I need to return the books and How?

You can read the book(s) at your own pace. There are no late charges.

Once you’re done reading the book, you can send it back to us. The faster you send back your books, the sooner you can expect the next lot. To return the books all you need to do is just go to “My Account” and click on the “Pick Up” tab or you can also call at our customer care no on +91-33- 4061 2286.

Q. How do I search for books on the site?

Search by title/author/Category – For example, enter ‘An Area of Darkness” in the ‘Title’ search field in the top bar or enter ” V.S Naipaul” in the ‘author search field or search the books available in the ‘Fiction in ‘category search field.

Q. What is a book queue?

A book queue is a list of the books you would like to read. By clicking on ‘Add to Queue button below the image of the book, the book will be added to your queue. We strongly recommend that you have at least ten books in your queue.

Q. How do I manage My Queue?

Managing your queue makes you in charge of your online book renting experience. Sign In, browse for the book you want and click ‘Add to queue’. The book automatically is added to the bottom of the list in the Queue. If you have changed your mind about a book, Click on ‘Remove button and then click ‘Update Queue.

Q. How do I delete books from My Queue?

Sign In and access My Queue. Click on ‘Remove button.

Q. Why should I keep at least ten books in My Queue?

Books are shipped to you based on priority and availability. If a book is in great demand, despite having multiple copies, we can have a ‘temporarily-out-on-circulation situation. Therefore, a longer book queue helps us continuously deliver books of your choice. You are less likely to be faced with a situation, where you are not shipped books due to an out-of-stock situation.