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Toni Morrison


In the troubled years following the Civil War, the spirit of a murdered child haunts the Ohio home of a former slave. This angry, destructive ghost breaks mirrors, leaves its fingerprints in cake icing, and generally makes life difficult for Sethe and her family; nevertheless, the woman finds the haunting oddly comforting for the spirit […]

The Bluest Eye (Paperback)

Originally published in 1970, The Bluest Eye is Toni Morrisons first novel. In an afterword written more than two decades later, the author expressed her dissatisfaction with the books language and structure: “It required a sophistication unavailable to me.” Perhaps we can chalk up this verdict to modesty, or to the Nobel laureates impossibly high […]

Song of Solomon (Paperback)

Song of Solomon is a novel by Pulitzer and Nobel Prize-winning American author Toni Morrison. The Swedish Academy cited this book when awarding Morrison the 1993 Nobel Prize in literature. The novel follows the life of Macon “Milkman” Dead III, an African-American man living in Michigan, from birth to adulthood. The main theme is Milkmans […]