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26/11 ƒ?? Mumbai Attacked

Interview with LeTs representative, Abdullah Muntazir, by the only Indian journalist Harinder Baweja inside the headquarters of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, in Muridke, Pakistan ƒ?? where Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist, was trained for the attack.

Bringing together the careful research and analyses of renowned journalists and police officials, 26/11 Mumbai Attacked explicates the reality behind the brazen attack on Indias sovereignty in November 2008 when ten heavily armed terrorists held an entire city to ransom by the sheer force of their zealotry. The scene-by-scene accounts, incisive analyses, and an exclusiveinterview with a LeT representative along with a description of its training camp in Muridke, Pakistan, reveal how the failure of Indian intelligence agencies landed Mumbai in the quagmire of terrorism. Paying homage to the brave security officers who lost their lives fighting the terrorists, 26/11 Mumbai Attacked reiterates the chilling reality that India is under grave threat and the clock is ticking before the next big attack.

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