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A Curly Tale

Recommended for kids 7 & up
Audio read-along books for children based on folktales from different regions of India. The narration by renowned singer Usha Uthup in English is highly entertaining and expressive. The book illustrate authentic folklore characters and regional artwork in vibrant colors. Children can sing along with the music. Several songs are presented in a world music format, concluding with a key take home message.
The stories are written by Dr. Vayu Naidu, internationally renowned storyteller and writer. She is the founder and artistic director of Brumhalata Intercultural Storytelling Company based in Birmingham, UK. A glossary of key ethnic words and a learning guide accompanies each title. The audio book is a joint production of Sky Music (India) and Tulika Books (India).
A folktale from the State of Bihar, India. Kalia and Swapan are poor villagers who make shoes. After many years of living in poverty Swapan tells her husband that she wants money, and a lot of it. So, Kalia asks the holy man to grant him a ghost (genie) that will always get money for him. Bhootram, the ghost then appears, but warns that he will gobble up him and his wife, unless Kalia always gives him work to do. After only a few days, Kalia and Swapan run out of things for Bhootram to do, so once again the Kalia turns to the holi man to help him save his family.
One full colour soft bound (8.5 x 7) 22-page book, one 22- minute audio tape, lyrics to the songs and a special learning insert

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