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Babes In The Wood, The

A woman phoned to say she and her husband went to Paris for the weekend, leaving their children with a – well, teen-sitter, I suppose, got back last night to find the lot gone and naturally she assumes theyve all drowned.nThere hadnt been anything like this kind of rain in living memory. The River Brede had burst its banks, and not a single house in the valley had escaped flooding. Even where Wexford lived, higher up in Kingsmarkham, the waters had nearly reached the mulberry tree in his once immaculate garden. The Subaqua Task Force could find no trace of Giles and Sophie Dade, let alone the woman who was keeping them company, Joanna Troy. But Mrs Dade was convinced her children were dead. This was an investigation which would call into question many of Wexfords assumptions about the way people behaved, including his own family …

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