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You can smell the gunpowder. This is the impact of the words of Mukul Deva … the countrys first military thriller writer – The Hindu A warlord in the rugged Tribal Areas of Pakistan pushes his way to the crest of the jihadi wave, seeking to forge an alliance of terror groups to take on the American surge. One of his allies appears to be Pakistans ISI. But are they using him to attain their own goals? Or is he using them? And for what? Facing the brunt of this deadly double game is the spirited Force 22 represented by Iqbal and Tanaz, just back from Pakistan after their search-and-destroy mission to eliminate Salim, who are catapulted into action as lethal intelligence operations begin to unfold. The third in the action thriller series from Indias literary storm trooper, Blowback will keep you riveted with its tight plotting and heart-stopping pace. For a land so strife-torn and terrorism plagued, Mukul Devas books become topical, close to the hearts of millions of Indians, and offer hope and redemption. – Eika Chaturvedi Banerjee Gripping, well narrated action – I read the book in one go. – Ananth Doraswamy His in-depth knowledge of affairs military coupled with a lucid style of storytelling makes the reader crave for more. – Brigadier Sanjeev Kanal Mukul Deva is an extraordinary writer – his imagination and attention to detail make his characters come alive and one is almost sorry to reach the end. – Neena Singh

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