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Captivated by Her Innocence

Lessons in passionƒ?? Anna is moments away from securing her dream teaching job and a new life when itƒ??s all ripped away. And thereƒ??s only one man to blame. Former racing driver Cesare Urquart believes Anna Henderson is the woman who nearly ended his best friendƒ??s marriage. Heƒ??s never forgotten her lithe figure and flowing red hair. But when Anna arrives at his sprawling Scottish estate under his sisterƒ??s employment Cesare gets a rush of adrenaline he hasnƒ??t felt for years. Soon he questions every notion heƒ??s had about her. For beneath Annaƒ??s feistiness is an irresistible innocence Cesare canƒ??t leave unexploredƒ?? ƒ??Full of danger and drama, every page brings a different facial expression!ƒ?? ƒ?? Linda, 67, Whitby

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