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Essential Wisdom from a Spiritual Master

There often comes a moment in people s lives when full stops fall away,Question marks surface.And commas,Vast yawning commas.This is the point at which the individual becomes a seeker.This is a book for seekers.It encompasses the gamut of questions restless,fevered,desperate that have arisen in every seeker s mind at some point or the other.Questions about fear,desire,suffering,commitment,free will,determinism,God,faith,love, morality,self-deception,doubt,the spiritual path,the mind,the body,disease,healing,madness,death,dissolution.And more. The answers are by Sadhguru,a living master and profound mystic of our times.Unshakably anchored in inner experience,he remains unaffiliated to any organized religions,sectarian or ideological tradition.Forthright,witty, unconventional,provovative,but deeply compassionate,these answers were shared with close disciples over a period of ten years on various occasions.Spanning a variety of subjects that he seldom addresses otherwise in public,these words were spoken to foster the growth of a few who had been with him for a long time.The tone is intimate,the cadence conversational,the context specific.And this is the book s strength.Seekers of every culture and persuasion will find themselves turning from eavesdroppers to participants from the very first page.For the answers carry the unmistakable ring of authenticity,the deep clarity and wisdom of one who knows what it means to seek.And to know.And just how to map the arduous,often interminable,journey in between.

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