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Mr Nice & Mrs Marks – Adventures with Howard

The ƒ??Bonnie & Clydeƒ?? adventures of the worlds most notorious dope smugglers.

Howard Marksƒ??s story has passed into hippie folklore. At one time, the worldƒ??s then most wanted man had 43 aliases, 89 phone lines and 25 registered companies. But this is only half the story. Intimately involved throughout was Marksƒ??s wife Judy.

Now, for the first time, she tells her own side of the tale. Judy was involved with the drug-running scams and often had to act as money courier and go-between abroad when Howard was stuck without a passport or identity. She spent eighteen months in jail herself. From living the high life to the increasingly desperate years on the run, Mr Nice and Mrs Marks is about the exhilaration of their criminal life and what happens when your husband stops telling you the truth and your life is steaming out of control.

It is also a love story, and together Judy and Howard come across like a hippie Bonnie and Clyde. Far more than a retelling of Howardƒ??s story, this is a warm, touching and often funny account of Judyƒ??s unique role in an extraordinary husband-and-wife double act that spanned over three decades.

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