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Notes from a Small Island (Paperback)

Reacting to an itch common to Midwesterners since theres been a Midwest from which to escape, writer Bill Bryson moved from Iowa to Britain in 1973. Working for such places as Times of London, among others, he has lived quite happily there ever since. Now Bryson has decided his native country needs him–but first, hes going on a roundabout jaunt on the island he loves.

Britain fascinates Americans: its familiar, yet alien; the same in some ways, yet so different. Bryson does an excellent job of showing his adopted home to a Yank audience, but you never get the feeling that Bryson is too much of an outsider to know the true nature of the country. Notes from a Small Island strikes a nice balance: the writing is American-silly with a British range of vocabulary. Brysons marvelous ear is also in evidence: “… I noted the names of the little villages we passed through–Pinhead, West Stuttering, Bakelite, Ham Hocks, Sheepshanks …” If youre an Anglophile, youll devour Notes from a Small Island.

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