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On the Street Where You Live (Mass Market Paperback)

Emily Graham knows what its like to have enemies. The pretty New York attorney–a millionaire due to a lucky stock market break–has been sued by her greedy ex-husband and stalked by a man who thinks she helped his mothers murderer escape punishment. But when she buys her great-great-grandmothers childhood home in the sleepy resort town of Spring Lake, Emily thinks her new life will be saner, even though five other young women, including Emilys ancestor Madeline Shapley, have disappeared from Spring Lake under creepy circumstances over the past century.

No sooner has Emily moved in than she starts receiving frightening, anonymous messages. Worse, when she breaks ground for a backyard pool, the backhoe brings up the body of Martha Lawrence, who vanished four years ago, and whose dead hand clutches the finger bone of Madeline Shapley, identified by her sapphire ring. Both women disappeared on September 7, 105 years apart. When the cops and Emily realize that a similar parallel exists between two other missing women and that the anniversary of yet another girls disappearance is fast approaching, they quickly surmise that a sixth murder will be attempted in just a week. But by whom? Is todays serial killer a copycat of the Spring Lake murderer of the 1890s–or a reincarnation? Fueled by fear, anger, and scary little notes from the killer, Emilys actively researching the murders, but even she doesnt realize how many suspects there are: the retired college president, whos being blackmailed, and his perpetually angry wife; the towns bankrupt restaurateur with a weakness for pretty blondes; the middle-aged detective with his finger right on the pulse of the crimes. Even Emilys friend Eric, the software CEO who made her rich, and Nick, her new coworker, seem to show up at suspiciously convenient times.

Mary Higgins Clarks cast of characters may be overly large; in going for quantity she skimps on the characterization, and all of them, including Emily, are as wooden as Al Gore. But characterization isnt whats made this 24-book author a bestseller-list regular. The cleverly complex plot gallops along at a great clip, the little background details are au courant, and the identities of both murderers come as an enjoyable surprise. On the Street Where You Live just may be Clarks best in years. –Barrie Trinkle

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