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The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers (Cat Who…, #29)

After dropping a bombshell that was a bestseller, Lilian Jackson Braun brings back James Qwilleran and his famous felines, Koko and Yum Yum, for the twenty-ninth installment of the beloved, bestselling Cat Who . . . series.?ÿ

Moose County, 400 miles north of everywhere, is in an uproar (good and bad) following vast inheritances from wealthy old families. Only “Cool Koko” knows whats happening . . . and hes not telling. Jim Qwilleran thinks its because he has more whiskers than ordinary cats, but whos counting??ÿ

Meanwhile . . .
Koko meets a piano tuner.
Polly goes to Paris.
Qwill writes a play (an absurdist play titled?ÿThe Cat Who Got Elected Dog Catcher).
And theres a mysterious death from a bee sting . . .

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