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The Curse of the Broken Step

“And thatƒ??s when we saw it. A red stainƒ??a deep, dark red bloodstain. The kind that has been there for centuries. ƒ??Itƒ??s Humayunƒ??s,ƒ?? she said softly. For one instant I almost believed her.

A boring class excursion to Purana Qila turns into a thrilling adventure for the four friends who fancy themselves to be detectives. But have they taken on more than they can handleƒ?? with stolen paintings, a sullen American, tantric yogis and a guide with ghost-grey eyes. And when a mysterious foreigner falls to his death down the steps of Humayunƒ??s library it seems the curse of the broken step is more than just a story.”

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