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Arthur Hailey


Sergeant Malcolm Ainslie of the Miami police homicide department is about to take a well earned family holiday when he is called away on an urgent mission. A criminal on Death Row with only a few hours to live before being sent to the electric chair has requested that Ainslie hear his confession. Will Elroy […]

The Money Changers

The CEO of First Mercantile American Bank is about to step down from his position. The bank is looking outside the founding circles for a new officer in charge. Alex Vandervoort and Roscoe Heyward are two contenders for the position. Vandervoort is straightforward and is ready to make things work through retailing and technology. He […]

Strong Medicine: A Novel

Miracle drugs save lives and ease suffering, but for profit-motivated companies, the miracle is the money they generate…at any cost. Billions of dollars in profits will make men and women do many things–lie, cheat, even kill. now one beautiful woman will be caught in the cross fire between ethics and profits. As Celia Jordans fast-track […]


All the human emotion. High stakes adventure and hidden secrets of Americas #1 industry…brought to life from the superb novel by Americas #1 storyteller. Once again, Arthur Hailey captures a world between the covers of a book… Wheels roars through the authentic action and intrigue of Americas richest business – automobiles. Wheels ignites with the […]


Electric Corporation provides power to the whole of California – what happens if the system breaks down?


During five days in the midst of a hot, steamy Louisiana summer, the lives of a colorful cast of characters intertwine in a series of public, private, and personal dramas at the famed St. Gregory luxury hotel. Book available.