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Carolyn Keene

Mystery by Moonlight (Nancy Drew)

A charming lakeside cottage should be the perfect vacation spot for Nancy and her friends — until Bess becomes convinced that theyre sharing the place with ghosts. Strange thumps in the attic put them all on edge — except there is no attic. Even worse, their living neighbors are giving them grief. A pair of […]

The Clue of the Gold Doubloons (Nancy Drew Book 149)

Nancy and George are thrilled to take part in the filming of a pirate movie onboard the Swift Adventure, a reproduction of a centuries-old sailing ship. Twin brothers Andrew and Daniel Wagner are producing the low-budget film, and theyƒ??ve asked their friends to help out. With Nancy as assistant director and George set to play […]

Seeing Green

In Green with Envy, book two in the Eco Mystery trilogy, Nancy continues her investigation into the ecological abuses at the Casa Verde resort in Costa Rica. Everythingƒ??s not as shiny and clean as it seems, and Nancy must figure out who is dumping pollutants at the resort. Seeing Green is the stunning conclusion to […]

Nancy drew 3 in 1

childrens Fiction

For Love Or Money

One of River Heightss richest and most respected citizens, Charles Pierce, has fallen in love.. .and fallen out with his family. He asked his beautiful and much younger housekeeper, Nila, to marry him, and his heirs fear getting cut out of his will. But Pierce now fears for Nilas life, and he asks Nancy to […]

Chick-napped! (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew)

Spring has sprung in River Heights! Nancys class is hatching chickens to celebrate. Some of Nancys classmates are excited, especially Tommy Maron. Tommy has even named all the eggs! But other classmates are less thrilled about the arrival of the little birds. Catherine Spangler is peeved because the chicks are due to arrive on HER […]

A Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys:Dead on Arrival

The Case Of The Disappearing Deejay

The Suspect in the Smoke

Seeking clues to a suspicious fire, Nancy finds danger smoldering in the ashes.

The Double Horror of Fenley Place

The Secret of the Forgotten Cave

The Secret of the Wooden Lady

The Mysterious Image (Nancy Drew)

Nancy Drew: Action! (Girl Detective Series # 6)

So I agreed to play the part of Esther Rackham in a film about the heist that gave River Heights its name, and there was all this trouble on the set, and I figured out who was behind it. Case closed, right? Wrong! Once the camera starts rolling, a huge fire breaks out on the […]