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Chantelle Shaw

A Bride Worth Millions

Athena Howard cant believe she did it. In an outrageously large wedding dress, she climbed out the window and escaped The Wedding of the Year and the fianc?? who lied to her. And she fellƒ?? ƒ??straight into Luca De Rossis arms! It must be fate. Luca has just two weeks to marry and meet the […]

The Greeks Acquisition

Itƒ??s taken years for the Dimitri-Kalakos-sized hole in Louise Frobisherƒ??s heart to heal. Yet now she has to face him once again ƒ?? she needs the ruthless magnateƒ??s financial helpƒ??but absolutely nothing more! Be prepared to play with fire! Louise is offering the one thing Dimitri thought his money couldnƒ??t buy: the Greek island that […]

Di CesareS Pregnant Mistress

Ruthless Russian, Lost Innocence ? Mills & Boon April 2010

Violinist Ella Stafford isnt used to parties, so its little wonder she?s overwhelmed by brooding Russian Vadim Aleksandrov! The throbbing, raw attraction takes fragile English beauty Ella out of her depth? ?and into his arms! Soon she finds herself sharing his Mediterranean villa, attending glamorous parties and showered with luxuries. Ella should feel elated. Yet […]

At the Sheikhs Bidding

Foced to marry — a sheikh! Erin Maguire is shocked to discover that her adopted son is the heir to a desert kingdom! Now theyre en route to the land of Qubbah with little Kazims uncle, the powerful and arrogant Zahir bin Kahlid al Muntassir! Zahir insists Erin marry him, and that his young nephew […]