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Francine Pascal

Wanted for Murder

Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield set off on a road trip to the mountains of Colorado, ready for five days of skiing and the best Christmas break of their lives. Scott Culver is a guy with a broken-down car and a face to die for, whom the twins pick up on the side of the road. […]

Good-Bye to Love

Jessicas ended marriage makes her wonder if she can resume a normal life, while Elizabeths romance with Tom is threatened by eerie notes she thinks are coming from Todd, and Lila finds herself in a battle of wills with the arrogant Bruce. Original.

Francine pascals sweet valley twins

Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield cant believe their eyes. While on a family vacation at the Triple Z Ranch, they meet two perfect guys–who happen to be thirteen-year-old twins! Elizabeth hits if off immediately with Nick Handel, and his brother Chris, is the boy of Jessicas dreams. At first. After one double date, the […]