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Franklin W. Dixon


While in London, Joe and Frank Hardy begin an investigation into the disappearance of beautiful English actress Jill Seabright, a case that could have them end up in a rat-infested dungeon.


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Top Ten Ways to Die (Hardy Boys (All New) Undercover Brothers)

MISSION: Someone is suspected of trying to murder young rock star Madison vee. You must stop her killer before her killer stops her. LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA. POTENTIAL VICTIMS: Aside from Ms. Vee, any number of crew members, fans, and friends. SUSPECTS: Her agent, jealous relatives…Ms. Vee has no shortage of possible hidden enemies ready […]

Hardy Boys 10: What Happened at Midnight (The Hardy Boys)

Frank and Joe race against time to retrieve a scientistƒ??s top-secret invention before thieves get their hands on it. But the young detectives soon discover that they are involved in a mystery far greater in scope than just safeguarding the invention. When Joe is kidnapped, this incident starts Frank of on a chase that could […]


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The Number File (Hardy Boys Casefiles, No 17)

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Three Great Hardy Boys Stories: “Submarine Caper”, “Four-headed Dragon”, “Infinity Clue”

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Passport to Danger (Hardy Boys)

Frank and Joe Hardy cant resist an invitation to volunteer with the crew for a soccer match in Paris. They will be working at the same stadium where the World Cup was held a few years ago! From the moment the Hardys arrive, though, strange things start happening. Bleachers collapse during practice, fireworks are tampered […]

In Plane Sight

Attending an airshow to help out their friend Jamal Hawkins and his dads air taxi service should be a nice break from the normal grind for Frank and Joe Hardy. But when one of the Hawkinses planes is mysteriously stolen — starting a whole wave of crime at the event — the vacation ends, and […]

The Disappearing Dog (Hardy Boys: The Secret Files)

Theres a new kid in town in Bayport, and Frank and Joe Hardy arent really sure what to make of Max O Malley, the Magician. Not only is he totally annoying, he claims that he can make anything–or anyone–disappear. Though Max wins over a bunch of his classmates, Frank and Joe remain skeptical–until Mrs. Briars […]

Death and Diamonds

Super-sleuths Joe and Frank Hardy are given a new mission. They must attend a fashion show and keep an eye on the valuable array of diamonds that are on display. Someone is after the diamonds, and in their greed, they wonƒ??t stop at anything. The gorgeous model Naomi Dowdƒ??s life is in danger, there are […]

Comic Con Artist

MISSION: To discover the criminal responsible for forging versions of valuable original comic-??ƒ?ªÿbook art. LOCATION: A huge comics convention in San Francisco, CA. POTENTIAL VICTIMS: A major comic-??ƒ?ªÿ??ƒ?ªÿbook artist stands to lose a lot of money, but thousands of fans at the convention could lose their lives if the culprit gets desperate. SUSPECTS: Rival artists, […]

Hardy Boys 05: Hunting for Hidden Gold

Timber wolves, a Rocky Mountain blizzard, and a mine cave-in are only a few of the perils Frank and Joe Hardy encounter during their search for the principal members of a notorious gang responsible for a payroll robbery. In the old Montana mining camp of Lucky Lode, the young detectives puzzle over a series of […]

The Hardy Boys: Burned (Undercover Brothers # 6) (English)

The Hardy Boys: Foul Play (Undercover Brothers # 19) (English)

The brothers are called in to investigate when the ATAC hears that a major college football team is about to throw a championship game. Everyone from the star quarterback to the coach are in play as suspects, and the clock is running out for Frank and Joe to score another mission touchdown

The Secret of the Lost Tunnel