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Ian Rankin

The Black Book

When a close colleague is brutally attacked, Inspector John Rebus is drawn into a case involving a hotel fire, an unidentified body, and a long forgotten night of terror and murder. Pursued by dangerous ghosts and tormented by the coded secrets of his colleagues notebook, Rebus must piece together the most complex and confusing of […]

Knots and Crosses

Detective John Rebus: His city is being terrorized by a baffling series of murders… and hes tied to a maniac by an invisible knot of blood. Once John Rebus served in Britains elite SAS. Now hes an Edinburgh cop who hides from his memories, misses promotions and ignores a series of crank letters. But as […]

Tooth and Nail

Scottish homicide detective John Rebus has been sent from “North of the Border” to help London police catch a serial killer with a gruesome M.O. Teamed with a London cop he wants to trust but cant, Rebus lets a beautiful psychologist into the case develops a bizarre portrait of a killer who leaves bite marks […]

Strip Jack

What begins as a case of typical British indiscretion, when a prominent member of Parliament is caught in a police raid on an Edinburgh brothel, turns into a nasty murder investigation when his party-happy wife is soon found beaten to death. Its up to Inspector Rebus to learn whether the MP is self-destructing, or the […]

Mortal Causes

Underneath the cobbled streets of Edinburghs old Town are medieval stone cellars where a man could scream and never be heard. In mortal Causes, the tortured body of a young man is found hanging from a butchers hook in one of these underground rooms. The tattoo on his wrist and a cryptic inscription scratched in […]

Black and Blue

“Bible John” terrorized Glasgow in the sixties and seventies, raping and murdering three women he met in a local ballroom–and was never caught. Now a copycat is at work, nicknamed “Bible Johnny” by the media, a new menace with violent ambitions. Inspector Rebus must proceed with caution, because one mistake could mean an unpleasant and […]

The Hanging Garden

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon… The hanging of four French villagers in World War II… The hanging of an old man in a Scottish cemetary… Seemingly random facts linked to one man…?ÿ Detective Inspector John Rebus is buried under a pile of paperwork generated by his investigations into a suspected war criminal, and his immediate […]

Let It Bleed

In the dark days and biting windstorms of an Edinburgh winter, two drop-out kids dive off the towering Forth Road Bridge. A civic office is spattered by a grisly gun-blast. Two suicides and a murder that just dont add up, unless John Rebus can crunch the numbers. Following a trail that snakes through stark alleys […]

Hide and Seek

At night the summer sky stays light over Edinburgh. But in a shadowy, crumbling housing development, a junkie lies dead of an overdose, his bruised body surrounded by signs of Satanic worship. John Rebus could call the death and accident–but wont. Instead, he tracks down a violent-tempered young woman who knew the dead boy and […]