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Jean P. Sasson

Mayada: Daughter Of Iraq

Mayada Al-Askari had no idea that she would one day end up in Baladiyat Prison. She was a divorcee who raised her children single handedly. Mayada had been a journalist who had later given up that job and had set up a small printing business. Mayada: Daughter Of Iraq was from a prominent family. She […]

Daughters of Arabia

Reissue of the sequel to the massive worldwide bestseller Princess Readers of Princess Sultanaƒ??s extraordinary biography Princess were gripped by her powerful indictment of womenƒ??s lives behind the veil within the royal family of Saudi Arabia. They were every bit as fascinated by the sequel, Daughters of Arabia. Here, the princess turns the spotlight on […]

Love in a Torn Land: Joanna of Kurdistan: The True Story of a Freedom Fighters Flight from Iraqi Vengeance

In this incredible true love story, bestselling author Jean Sasson shares Joanna al-Askaris personal journey of fear and fortitude through a Baghdad childhood and life as a Kurdish freedom fighter during the Iran-Iraq War. Inspiring and unforgettable, Love in a Torn Land shares Joannas passionate and unflagging determination to survive and fightƒ??for love, life, and […]