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Jeffery Deaver

A Maidens Grave

A trio of desperate convicts has hijacked a bus carrying a group of deaf and mute schoolgirls who are now being held hostage in a disused slaughterhouse. FBI agent Arthur Potter is flown in to negotiate with the men, as are local police, state troopers, politicians and the media. Not everyone has the same agenda. […]

The Broken Window

Lincoln Rhyme and partner/paramour Amelia Sachs return to face a criminal whose ingenious staging of crimes is enabled by a terrifying access to information…. When Lincolns estranged cousin Arthur Rhyme is arrested on murder charges, the case is perfect — too perfect. Forensic evidence from Arthurs home is found all over the scene of the […]

The Empty Chair

Lincoln Rhyme is back… From the bestselling author of?ÿThe Bone Collector?ÿand?ÿThe Devils Teardrop?ÿcomes this spine-chilling new thriller that pits renowned criminalist Lincoln Rhyme against the ultimate opponent — Amelia Sachs, his own brilliant prot??g??e. A quadriplegic since a beam crushed his spinal cord years ago, Rhyme is desperate to improve his condition and goes to […]

The Twelfth Card

A nail-biting suspense about why a professional hit-man would target a brilliant high-school girl, who is digging into a 140 year old mystery about her ancestor & his shocking secret.

The Stone Monkey

When a vicious smuggler known as the Ghost scuttles a ship filled with undocumented Chinese immigrants less than a mile from New York harbor, only a handful of survivors–and the Ghost himself–manage to escape the burning vessel. Lincoln Rhyme, the quadriplegic NYPD forensic detective first introduced in 1997s?ÿThe Bone Collector, and Amelia Sachs, his partner […]

The Coffin Dancer

NYPD criminalist Lincoln Rhyme joins his beautiful prot??g??, Amelia Sachs, in the hunt for the Coffin Dancer — an ingenious killer who changes appearance even faster than he adds to his trail of victims. They have only one clue: the madman has a tattoo of the Grim Reaper waltzing with a woman. Rhyme must rely […]