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John Grisham

Theodore Boone: The Accomplice

Woody Lambert is in trouble. He comes from a broken family, suffers bad grades at school and his older brother, Tony, is on probation for a drug offence. When Woody inadvertently gets caught up with Tony and one of his friends, Garth, cruising around Strattenburg in a beaten-up Mustang drinking beer, one thing leads to […]

The Rooster Bar

John Grishams newest legal thriller takes you inside a law firm that shouldnt exist. Law students Mark, Todd and Zola wanted to change the world – to make it a better place. But these days these three disillusioned friends spend a lot of time hanging out in The Rooster Bar, the place where Todd serves […]

The Racketeer

About The Book The Racketeer, available in paperback, is a novel which describes the revenge taken by a man who is imprisoned on false allegations and is then asked to help the FBI in solving the mysterious death of a federal judge. The protagonist in this story is Malcolm Bannister. Hes involved in a deal […]

Camino Island

All trails became dead-ends. Tips that had at first seemed urgent now faded away. The waiting game began. Whoever had the manuscripts would want money and a lot of it. They would surface eventually, but where and when and how much would they want? The most daring and devastating heist in literary history targets a […]

The Whistler

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Street Lawyer / Client

Gray Mountain : Nothing but the Truth. (English)

In a day, 2008 changed the fortunes of billions of people across the Earth. Samantha Kofer was one of them. Her fast track job on Wall Street had veered to a stop, and she had nothing to grab on except for a payless opportunity to work at a legal aid clinic. At the end of […]

Theodore Boone: half the man, twice the lawyer

Ford County: Stories

Master thriller writer and worldwide No.1 bestseller John Grisham takes you into the heart of Americas Deep South with a collection of stories connected by the life and crimes of Ford County: a place of harsh beauty where broken dreams and final wishes converge. A mercy mission that is hilariously sidetracked by human weakness; a […]

The Litigators

The Partners at Finley & Figg – all two of them – often refer to themselves as “a boutique law firm.” “Boutique,” as in chic, selective and prosperous. They are, of course, none of these things. What they are is a two-bit operation always in search of their big break, ambulance chasers whove been in […]

The Chamber / The Rainmaker

The Confession

John Grisham delivers his most extraordinary legal thriller yet. Filled with the intriguing twists and turns that have become Grishamƒ??s trademark, this newest novel will prove once again that no one keeps readers in suspense like Americaƒ??s favorite storyteller. An innocent man is days from execution. Only a guilty man can save him. For every […]

Calico Joe

Thirty years have passed since eleven-year-old Paul Tracy watched his troubled father, Warren, a pitcher for the New York Mets, clash with his childhood hero, the Cubs golden-boy Joe Castle, in a contest from which no winners emerged. Now the news that his father is dying brings the memory of that day flooding back. Deciding […]

The Summons

Ray Atlee is a professor of law at the University of Virginia. Hes forty-three, newly single, and still enduring the aftershocks of a surprise divorce. He has a younger brother, Forrest, who redefines the notion of a familys black sheep. And he has a father, a very sick old man who lives alone in the […]

Theodore Boone: Young Lawyer

When it comes to giving advice on divorce issues and impounded pets, 13-year-old Theodore Boone is first choice with his teachers and classmates. Theo knows more about the law than most lawyers. But he also knows he has no business getting involved in his home towns first murder trial in years. That is, until a […]

The street lawyer

He gave up the money. He gave up the power. Now all he has left is the law. Michael Brock is billing the hours, making the money, rushing relentlessly to the top of Drake & Sweeney, a giant D.C. law firm. One step away from partnership, Michael has it all. Then, in an