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Karen Rose Smith

Once Upon a Groom

Will You Marry Me?ƒ? Those are the words Jenny had always longed to hear Zack say. But marrying him would have meant leaving the only home sheƒ??d ever known. So instead of following her high-school sweetheart to LA, she stayed on at his familyƒ??s ranch. Zack never knew about the secret she carriedƒ?? Until a […]

Her Mr. Right? (Mills & Boon Cherish) (The Wilder Family)

An investigationƒ??into love? Arriving at Walnut River General Hospital to investigate charges of insurance fraud, Neil Kane didnƒ??t expect to be popular! To his surprise, though, he soon discovered an unexpected ally in ƒ?? and an undeniable attraction to ƒ?? Isobel Suarez. The intriguing investigator was a temptation Isobel couldnƒ??t resist, and even by-the-book Neil […]