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Maggie Cox

Pregnant with the De Rossi Heir

Pregnant secretary, Italian boss! The last time Gianluca De Rossi saw Kate Richardson she was naked in his arms, her delectable body tangled up in silk sheets. Now his vanishing one night stand is in his office as his new temporary secretary. And not only that she s expecting! Although he doesn t trust Kate, […]

A Taste of Sin

Even before he strides into her London shop, billionaire restaurateur Gene Bonnaires merciless and seductive reputation precedes him. Antiques dealer Rose Heathcote has encountered men like him before and is determined never to give in to one again! Charismatic Gene always gets what he wants, and what he wants now is Roses shop for his […]

The Lost Wife

Ailsaƒ??s heart is pounding ƒ?? sheƒ??s totally unprepared for the impact of confronting Jake Larsenƒ??s unforgettable features once more! The only difference is the cruel scar that sears her estranged husbandƒ??s cheekbone, somehow enhancing his effortlessly handsome looks and reminding Ailsa of the sorrow that separates themƒ?? Jake had thought heƒ??d be seeing Ailsa for […]

Secretary Mistress, Convenient Wife

Laura has come to Tuscany to rebuild her shattered life. She blossoms under the heat of Fabians desire, but will he ever see her as more than his suitable wife?

The Pregnancy Secret

As Jack Fitzgerald sees it, he was betrayed by Carolineƒ??a betrayal that lost them their baby and gave him a bad name. Now a billionaire, hes backƒ??and determined to prove his worth to all those who once shunned him. But when he sees Caroline again, he vows to bed herƒ??one last time. Caroline is determined […]

The Sheikhs Secret Son

When Sheikh Zafir el-Kalil discovers that he is a father he will do anything to secure his childƒ??even marry the woman who betrayed him and kept their son a secret from him! Darcy Carrick is older and wiser now…she will not bend so easily to Zafirƒ??s will! Once her heart would have soared to hear […]