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Marie Ferrarella

Traviss Appeal

When fresh-faced Shana Oƒ??Reilly appeared at his office door, no-nonsense lawyer Travisƒ??s carefully ordered world went into a tailspin. For the first time, he couldnƒ??t stop thinking about a client ƒ?? and not just because of her fatherƒ??s mysterious request to adjust his will. Shana wasnƒ??t looking for romance. She had her hands full with […]

Doctor In The House

Ivan Munro wanted to be feared, not lovedƒ?? But Bailey DelMonico, his new intern, is determined to prove she isnt afraid of himƒ??and more. In her own way, Bailey is as brilliant as Ivanƒ??and people like her. Having realized she wanted to be a surgeon after several failed life experiences, she deftly absorbs a barrage […]

Racing Against Time

Mills & Boons