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Multiple Author

Vijayanagara- Lost kingdom

Hot & Spicy –Cooking

Enchanted Aesops Fables (English)

Questions & Answers Encyclopedia OUR WORLD

Buddha- for Children Biography

Great Ghost Stories

Folk Tales From The Soviet Union-The Baltic Republics

Folk Tales From The Soviet Union-The Ukraine,Byelorussia & Moldavia

Chanakya- for Children Biography

Rendezvous with God

Rendezvous With God is an inspiring compilation of real life incidents of people from different field invoking oneƒ??s belief in god. It underlines the concept that God is ubiquitous and is always there to help. People experience God through saints, but the book invokes the belief from the common manƒ??s narration. People often mistake Godƒ??s […]

The Worlds Greatest Short Stories

Poetry Daily: 366 Poems from the Worlds Most Popular Poetry Website (English)

The founding editors of, the Poetry Daily website, have compiled 366 days worth of poetry (including Leap Day) from 366 contemporary poets, with a poem fit for every day of the year. Humorous, edgy, comforting or thought-provoking, this book of poems celebrates the diversity of todays thriving poetry culture. Poetry Daily includes poems from: […]

Sandesh Sera Galpa Samkalan–(1961-2000)