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Shobhaa De

Superstar India: From Incredible To Unstoppable


Sethji is a book based on the Indian Political System that shows us the grimy and rotten side of Indian politics in all its glory. The story is based on Sethji, who is the head of the ABSP a crucial coalition partner in the government. Sethji is a shrewd, ruthless and dirty fighter who will […]

Seventy . . . And to Hell With It

The irrepressible Shobhaa De is back with a book that celebrates her upcoming seventieth year. She calls herself a Child of the Republic as looks back on the terrain of her life. Especially at relationships-hers and those she has observed over the years-and at ever-present fears and grief. Shobhaa Des writing exudes an empathy that […]

Small Betrayals (English)

17 Stories 17 fierce, honest, moving portraits of women. Shobhaa De unfolds the betrayals and intimacies, the needs and regrets, the secrets that sustain relationships and the ones that threaten to destroy it. In this book, you will be confronted with vaguely familiar scents and images that draw us deeper into a world filled with […]

Sisters (English)

When her parents die in an air crash, Mikki Hiralal suddenly finds herself the owner of the sprawling Hiralal industrial empire. Abandoning her studies in the United States, she returns to Bombay, only to find her fathers business affairs in a mess. Almost bankrupt, beset on all sides by creditors, takeover tycoons and unreliable associates, […]

Second Thoughts

Socialite Evenings

A novel about Mumbais elite, as seen through the wide eyes of a young woman, from one of Indias most renowned bestselling authors. Shedding her middle-class past, Karuna has found her place in high society. But with her upward climb came many lows. Now battered, but not beaten, she seeks to heal her soul by […]