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Steve Martini

Shadow of Power

Bestseller Martinis entertaining ninth Paul Madriani legal thriller (after 2005s Double Tap ) offers an improbable if intriguing premise. San Diego, Calif., attorney Madriani and Harry Hinds, his longtime partner, agree to represent Carl Arnsberg, a racist facing execution for the bludgeoning-by-hammer murder of author Terry Scarborough, whose nonfiction bestseller, Perpetual Slaves , has actually […]

Undue Influence

THE MURDER WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING… Paul Madriani, the brilliant defense attorney from Compelling Evidence andPrime Witness, is back in a complex web of murder and deceit — this time within his own family. His wife Nikki has just died of cancer. On her deathbed, Nikki made Paul promise to look after her younger sister, […]