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Tara Pammi

Claimed for His Duty

Leah Huntingtons safety was once entrusted to Greek tycoon Stavros Sporades – but the rebellious heiress was a beacon for fortune hunters. The only way for Stavros to protect her was to marry her himself! But their marriage was just a facade. Now, five years later, the sassy woman who sashays back into Stavross life […]

The Sicilians Surprise Wife

Stefan Bianco is a man with one thing on his mind. Revenge. And the last person he expects to see hanging on the arm of his nemesis? The stunning Clio Norwood; the only woman to ever resist his near-lethal brand of seduction. Clioƒ??s life has become a mere shadow of what it once was. But […]

Married For The Sheikhs Duty

Thanks to a recent scandalous expose, the damage to Sheikh Zayn Al-Ghamdiƒ??s reputation is threatening his familyƒ??s future. So when fiercely independent Amalia Christensen has the gall to blackmail him with further ruination to ensure her innocent brotherƒ??s freedom, Zayn choses to keep his enemies closeƒ?? and make Amalia his temporary fianc??e!

Crowned For The Drakon Legacy

He may have craved her for a decade, but one exquisite night with Mia Rodriguez is all Nikandros Drakos, the Daredevil Prince of Drakon, will allow himself. Itƒ??s time to face his home country and the duty heƒ??s denied for so long.

His Drakon Runaway Bride

Ariana Sakis walked out on her husband Crown Prince Andreas Drakos knowing her feelings were unrequited. For ten years she has hidden herself away, determined never to be made vulnerable by passion again and believing herself divorced. Until her new wedding day is interrupted by Andreas himself, declaring them still married!

Sheikhs Baby Of Revenge

Seeking revenge for his royal familyƒ??s rejection, warrior sheikh Adir seduces his brotherƒ??s innocent fianc??e! But when he returns to steal Amira from the altar he discovers their illicit encounter has left her pregnant. Secluded in the desert, longing soon consumes them. But Adirƒ??s baby must be legitimateƒ??and heƒ??ll claim his heir with a vow!