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Allie Finkles Rules for Girls: Moving Day

Allie Finkle is ten years old. Sheƒ??s got two annoying little brothers and a dog called Marvin. Sheƒ??s also got a bunch of rules ƒ?? most of them, like Donƒ??t get a pet that poops in your hand, having been discovered through bitter experience.

In this funny, fast-moving series, Allie makes (and breaks) rules all over the place as she deals with everything that life can throw at her.

In MOVING DAY Allie absolutely DOES NOT want to move house. Moving means leaving behind her pretty pink room and her best friend, Mary Kay. The new house is cold, old, dark and creepy, and there is almost definitely a ZOMBIE HAND living in the attic! Listening to your parents is a golden rule, but how can Allie convince her family that moving is a very bad idea?

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