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Communicate With Confidence!: How to Say It Right the First Time and Everytime


Say The Right Thing–In Any Business or Social Situation! Each year thousands of executives pack Dianna Boohers seminars to learn to express themselves more clearly and confidently at work and at play. Now this master communicator has distilled over 600 of her proven speaking and listening tips into a single fast-access primer–one that can help you think on your feet, organize your ideas for impact, build credibility and loyalty, and instantly answer questions from customers. . .bosses. . .coworkers. . .even your spouse! With Communicate With Confidence Youll develop the skill to: win people over to your ideas; hold your own in meetings; give–and get–advice; say “No without hurt feelings; criticize without crippling; resolve conflicts without blows; respond to insults and abuse; talk across gender line–and more!

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