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Dead in a Mumbai Minute

As a private detective in Calcutta she had impressed maverick security expert Shayak Gupta with her sleuthing skills, leading to a new job with his firm Titanium. Now in Mumbai, Reema is given the case of the year – the murder of Ashutosh Dhingre, former assistant to fading Bollywood superstar Kimaaya Kapoor.

The location of the crime is Kimaayas private island. The suspects – her house guests and Kimaaya herself!

Reema learns of Kimaayas prior relationship with Shayak and cant help but think it is a conflict of interest. Equally puzzling is Shayaks repeated absence and what of the continuing attraction simmering between her and her secretive boss?

Despite the state-of-the-art facilities at Titanium, Reema is soon back to her own devices – which sometimes involves cooking up something for a spot of culinary meditation – to get to the bottom of a crime that points to a deep and sinister plot. As the body count increases, can Reema crack the case before more blood is spilled?

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