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“The Einstein Factor liberates mental abilities you didnƒ??t know you had. I tried the techniques in the book and they paid off instantly. Itƒ??s almost scary.”ƒ??Duncan Maxwell Anderson, senior editor, Success.
New research suggests that the superior achievements of famous thinkers may have been more the result of mental conditioning than genetic superiority. Now you can learn to condition your mind in the same way and improve your performance in virtually all aspects of mental ability, including memory, quickness, IQ, and learning capacity.
Intelligence pioneer Dr. Win Wenger has identified the tools you need to reach greater levels of sharpness, insight, and overall intelligence. Using Wengerƒ??s Image Streaming technique, you learn to bypass inhibitions and access the hypernormal capabilities hidden in your own subconscious. Discover how you can:
?úImprove your memory
?úRead faster and learn more quickly
?úSolve problems like a genius
?úScore higher on tests
?úBuild self-esteem
?úInduce a state of total creative absorption
?úAccess powerful subconscious insights through visualization
?úIncrease your intelligence
The Einstein Factor is your key to living an extraordinarily effective and creative life!

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