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Entertaining Eric: A Wartime Love Story

The charming wartime love story of Wren Maureen and Soldier Eric is told through her letters to him as he fought abroad during World War II. In 1941, as the Second World War raged on, 20-year-old Maureen Bolster began writing to her boyfriend Eric Wells. He was stationed in the Middle East while Maureen remained on the home front. Their letters would be the only communication between the young love-struck couple for four long years. Filled with warmth and charm, Maureens letters describe her daily life at home in England. She details uproarious incidents such as the lecherous GIs, immoral lodgers, and irascible landladies she meets in her work as a billeting officer, and we later see her as a Wren courierƒ??bravely delivering secret documents nationwide on her little motorbike, Rudolph. But all the while her thoughts are with Eric as he fights for his country in such far away places as Bahrain, Cairo, Mosul, and Beirut.

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