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F is for Fugitive (Kinsey Millhone Mystery)

When Kinsey Millhone first arrives in Floral Beach, California, its hard for her to picture the idyllic coastal town as the setting of a brutal murder. Seventeen years ago, the body of Jean Timberlake-a troubled teen who had a reputation with the boys-was found on the beach. Her boyfriend Bailey Fowler was convicted of her murder and imprisoned, but he escaped. After all this time, Baileys finally been captured. Believing in his sons innocence, Baileys father wants Kinsey to find Jeans real killer. But most of the residents in this tight-knit community are convinced Bailey strangled Jean.

So why are they so reluctant to answer Kinseys questions? If theres one thing Kinseys got plenty of its persistence. And thats exactly what its going to take to crack the lid on this case.As Kinsey gets closer to solving Jeans murder, the more dirty little secrets she uncovers in a town where everyone has something to hide-and a killer will kill again to keep the past buried….

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