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Great Men Of India : Bhagat Singh

This series brings to you the inspiring life stories of people whose lives, work, thoughts and achievements have left indelible marks on the pages of world history.

Projecting courage, determination, patriotism, and love for mankind, these people are great role models for children.

Simply yet vividly told, these books will keep children engrossed and help in moulding them into men and women of substance.

Table Of Contains…

01. The Born Revolutionaryƒ??
02. The Industrious Student
03. Wedded to the Motherland
04. The Sacred Soil
05. The Dedication
06. Saving the Comrades
07. Faking as Policeman
08. The Sahib in English Clothes
09. The Smart Organiser
10. Avenging Lala Lajpat Raiƒ??s Death
11. The Brave Revolutionary
12. A Budding Writer
13. The Social Worker
14. Mister ƒ??Mar Khanaƒ??
15. Fiery Devotion
16. Feeling of Brotherhood
17. Symbol of New Age
18. No Mercy Appeal
19. The Determined Hunger Strikers
20. The Farewell
21. Kissing the Gallows

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