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Judge Judy Sheindlins You Cant Judge a Book by Its Cover: Cool Rules for School

Popular TV courtroom personality Judge Judy Sheindlin has a dare for kids. When faced with tough tests of character in (and out of) school, children are challenged to make the right choices. By using examples of problems kids face every day and providing four possible responses to each situation, Judge Judy helps readers build up their moral strength. For example, if your best friends goofy-looking cousin is visiting and wants you to go skating after school, what should you do??ÿ(a)?ÿTell your friend you wouldnt be caught dead with her.?ÿ(b)?ÿFake being sick to get out of it.?ÿ(c)?ÿGo along with her; maybe she is really nice.?ÿ(d)?ÿBuy her a mask. Parents and children are encouraged to discuss each answer, or even to make up their own, before deciding on a solution. But remember, “If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all.” As Judge Judy says, “Adults seem to have a little saying for everything… Dont bite off more than you can chew. You cant judge a book by its cover.” In this fun and enlightening book, she helps kids apply these wise aphorisms in their everyday lives to make good decisions and get along with others.
Judge Judy Sheindlin is the outspoken author of several bestselling books, including?ÿJudge Judy Sheindlins Win or Lose by How You Choose, which was also illustrated with Bob Tores cartoonish line drawings. (Ages 7 to 12)?ÿ–Emilie Coulter

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