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Love Without Spoiling Discipline Without Nagging: Specifications: Toddlers to Teens

Love your child with all your hear but be consistent withthe discipline-you will seldom need to spank or nag.
This is one-of-a-king book guides Indian parents through the often pleasurable, rewarding and sometimes, arduous journey of parenthood.
It explores the entire gamut of childhood from changing sleeping patterns or eating habits to the first school, and continues well into the teens-befriending the children, helping them cope with various stresses and guiding them in the right direction towards becoming better and more confident human beings.
The book offers practical and easy-to-follow solutions to help understand and bond with your children better.
About Author :
Cedric M. Kenny is a well educationist, counsellor and motivator. he has served as visiting faculty at many prestigious institutions including the Indian Institute of management, Ahmdedabad. Associated with the Indian Foreign Service earlier, he offers gudance at several parent-teacer associations in schools and conducts power workshops for parents throughtout the country.
Contents :
Section 1
Build a Loving Home
Section 2
Raise Healthy Kids
Section 3
Rase Happy Kids
Section 4
Raise wise Kids
Section 5
Tweens and Teens

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