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Moab Is My Washpot

Stephen Fry is not making this up! Fry started out as a dishonorable schoolboy inclined to lies, pranks, bringing decaying moles to school as a science exhibit, theft, suicide attempts, the illicit pursuit of candy and lads, a genius for mischief, and a neurotic life of crime that sent him straight to Pucklechurch Prison and Cambridge University, where he vaulted to fame along with actress Emma Thompson. He wound up starring as Oscar Wilde in the film Wilde, costarring in A Civil Action, and writing funny, distinguished novels.
This irresistible book, the best-written celebrity memoir of 1999, concentrates on Frys first two tumultuous decades, but beware! A Fry sentence can lead anywhere, from a ringing defense of beating schoolchildren to a thoughtful comparison of male and female naughty parts. Frys deepest regrets seem to be the elusiveness of a particular boys love and the fact that, despite his keen ear for music, Frys singing voice can make listeners “claw out their inner ears, electrocute their genitals, put on a Jim Reeves record, throw themselves cackling hysterically onto the path of moving buses… anything, anything to take away the pain.” A chance mention of Frys time-travel book about thwarting Hitler, Making History (a finalist for the 1998 Sidewise Award for Best Alternative History), leads to the startling real-life revelation that Frys own Jewish uncle may have loaned a young, shivering Hitler the coat off his back.
Frys life is full of school and jailhouse blues overcome by jaunty wit, ?ÿ la Wilde. The title, from Psalm 108:9, refers to King Davids triumph over the Philistines. Fry triumphs similarly, and with more style. –Tim Appelo

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