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Modesty Blaise : Xanadu Talisman

Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin are now cult names in the thriller genre with well over a million copies of the Modesty Blaise series sold worldwide. Penguin India is delighted to present these bestselling books, now collectors items, in its new seriesƒ??Retro Revival.
El Mico is the power behind every major crime along the Mediterranean coast. Yet he seems to have no real existenceƒ??
When Modesty Blaise sets out to fulfil the wishes of a dying man, El Mico watches her every move because he believes she can lead him to a prize of immeasurable value.
With the incomparable Willie Garvin at her side and her trouble-prone friend, Giles Pennyfeather, getting under her feet, Modesty encounters powerful opponents as she pursues her quest.
This tenth story moves from Tangier to Paris, from the Riviera to Corsica, and at last to the fortress stronghold in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, Xanadu. It is here that Modesty and Willie are trapped into gladiatorial death-duels and it is here, too, that they discover the secret of the mysterious El Mico and the nature of the Object whose name may not be spokenƒ??

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