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Potato Chips

ƒ??We students are like potatoesƒ?? Only the finest of us will get made into chips!ƒ??
When Aman Malhotra is made to change schools, he knows that his goose is well and truly cooked. From the easygoing, friendly atmosphere of Akshar, he is thrust into the big, bad world of St Xavierƒ??s. The reason, according to his parents: a big school prepares you much better for your future, i.e., IIT. Things, Aman realizes, are about to change and not for the better. The progress graph of his life plunges downwards in a sudden freefallƒ??his grades suffer, his classmates snicker at him, his teachers think he is a brat.
Struggling to make sense of his new, high-pressure surroundings, Aman casts his net far and wide for friends and finds Shubho, a boy with a crafty drop-shot and a mean backhand. As Aman gets to know Shubho and tries to help him out, he also begins to get his own life back on track. A hero, he finally understands, comes in the most unlikely of guises and isnƒ??t necessarily the most popular kid in school.
An honest, in-your-face story of school life and adolescenceƒ??the highs, the lows, the pranks, the exams, the friendships, the fightsƒ??Potato Chips is crisp and smart, fresh and funny.

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