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Shes a Jolly Good Fellow

Second Lieutenants Deepa Shekhar and Anjali Sharma have an important task at hand: convince their male counterparts that they too are assets to the Indian Armyƒ??rather than merely those with assets. When the 23-year-olds are transferred to a remote army unit, several hilarious situations follow, thanks to the stark novelty of a feminine presence in the traditionally male army. However, with each passing day, the differences in their personalities begin to emerge. Deepa is more officer: she insists on being called Sahab and even takes to swearing like the troops. Anju is more lady: she cant give up her make-up and Mills & Boon romances. Or resist the charms of a certain dashing young officer, despite her friends warnings to stay away. The girls frequently fall out and get back together, but face the same dilemma: is any man worth more than their uniform?

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