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Soros: The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire

George Soros was once described as “the only private citizen [of the U.S.] who has his own foreign policy.” In this penetrating biography, Michael Kaufman explores the multifaceted life of a man who instead describes himself as “a financial, philanthropic, and philosophical speculator.”
Like Intel chairman Andrew Grove, whose memoir Swimming Across touches on some of the same territory, Soros grew up as the scion of a Hungarian Jewish family, many of whose members did not survive the Holocaust. Inclined toward philosophy (a field in which he sometimes writes even today, though many philosophers wish he would not), Soros escaped to England, and later America, and put his sharp mind to work making a huge fortune. Not content to live a leisurely or unexamined life, Soros put more than $1 billion to use in bettering the lives of citizens of formerly totalitarian regimes–and even in hastening the end of dictatorships around the world.
Former New York Times columnist Kaufman delivers a respectful account, closeted skeletons and all, of Soross life and work, and his book will interest a wide range of readers. –Gregory McNamee

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