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The Colorur of Law: A Novel

ƒ??ƒ??The Colour of Lawƒ?? by Mark Gimenez is a compulsive read that owes its heart, soul and passion to Harper Leeƒ??s ƒ??To Kill A Mockingbirdƒ??. In this fast-paced debut, Gimenez sinks his teeth into the manicured and corrupt world of lawyered, high-society Dallas in all its ostentatious glory: golf club memberships, fancy houses, fast cars, sleek wives and the all-encompassing reach of cold, hard power. In A. Scott Fenneyƒ??a young, rich and ruthless corporate lawyer at one of Dallasƒ??s most prestigious firms who glibly practises ƒ??aggressive and creativeƒ?? law for his high-paying clientsƒ??will the world find a hero or a patsy? Only a case involving a poor, black, drug-addicted prostitute and a dead white senatorƒ??s son will tell. Warning: you can lose an entire lazy Sunday to this one.”

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